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Google Testing “Record Calls” Feature Within Gmail

Google’s growth online reflected by expansion in Mountain View

Moonlighting – 2nd Jobs – Extra Income

In today’s economy everyone is looking for an extra income.  Now is not the time to quit your job if you have one.  It is the time to begin to supplement your income though.  If something were to happen to your steady income then you would have something to fall back on.

When I was young everyone told me to go with the big companies, they were safe & secure.  Somehow I always felt uncomfortable with this and struck out on my own as an entrepreneur.  I felt that the only safe & secure income was one I created on my own because I would be in control of it.  If I were to work for someone else they would be in total control of my income & could stop it at anytime they wished.  At least back then companies had enough courtesy to give you a 2 week notice before axing you.  Today I constantly hear of people being called in on Friday afternoon and being handed their last check and told there is no more work.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Now is the time to prepare for this scenario.  Everyone has some sort of specialty or expertise. It is time to fine tune this and begin to make a supplemental income from it.  We have helped many people publish an ebook or membership site with the knowledge they have in their head.  Everyone has a book in them & we want to help you get it out there to the world.

Just imagine yourself  last year at this time.  What has changed as far as your income from then until now?

Imagine yourself a year from now.  What will be different in your income then compared to today?

If you are ready to take control of your income we can help you.  If you are ready to change your future we can help you.  email me now at & I will personally help you get control of your future income.  We offer people Financial Freedom.

Imagine your life if you were financially free.  Start today, don’t wait to be called in on a Friday afternoon & find your income has been stopped by someone else, begin to replace it today.

Talk to you soon.

Sherrie Chastain

Social Media Secrets

Traffic is what a successful marketing campaign is all about.  If you have a website (or a blog, video, or web 2.0 page), the continuous creation of one way backlinks will grow the authority of your business overtime.  In this business consistency WINS the battle.

Out of all the traffic strategies attracting organic search engine traffic (i.e. FREE TRAFFIC) should obviously be of interest to you!  Since it is free and your potential customers tend to trust the authority a search engine assigns to your website – especially if it appears on Google Page 1.

One of the main strategies to get your site “discovered” (indexed) by the Search Engies is to utilize Social Media sites and Social Bookmarking. These strategies will maximize the exposure of your website and offers – to make More Money Online!

To maximize your results, you can not settle for just one Social Media or Social Bookmarking site, you need to use a strategy that includes a good sized selection and combination of Social Media and Social Bookmarking properties.

When you launch a new website, you need to do something to call the attention of the search engines to crawl and index it, and finally give it a place in the search results (rank it!). If you build a website and don’t drive attention to it, you are not going to have any organic traffic at all.  You need to make sure you have the best possible visibility for your website.

So, to keep calling Google’s attention to your website, we want to make sure we are adding backlinks to it on a regular basis month after month after month.  People often ask us “when do you stop promoting a website?”  Our answer is “We only stop promoting a website when we want to stop making money from it!” Remember the word of the day: Consistency!

This consistent effort will show Google that you truly care about what you are promoting. Not only will you maintain your rankings – they will grow over time as a result.  Website aging is one of the factors that affect Google ranks (Google LOVES crusty old domains!)

If you have a niche website and you are not receiving consistent traffic, pay attention to your marketing and promotion efforts. Usually, the main reason for limited success is lack of the right promotion and the lack of consistency.

Also understand that when we talk about promotion, we are talking at the page level. You must promote your websites page by page and keyword by keyword.  And, you must build a Web 2.0 campaign around every long tail keyword relevant to your niche…And that is just the beginning of what it really takes to make real and consistent money online!

Most people understand the importance of one way links to their websites and Web 2.0 properties to get them to RANK. But, what many of them miss, or find out the hard way, is that one way links are not enough. One of the most important strategies to use is to promote the promoters (the social media sites). This type of strategy must be spread out over time, and you will see these pages rank!

To bookmark a website is an ongoing project.  You only stop promoting when you don’t want any more traffic (and when you stop wanting to make money!).  The way we look at it is: if you don’t care enough to continue promoting your websites on a regular basis, why would you expect Google to keep paying attention to you?

This type of an internet marketing strategy requires a lot of work and time. These days to have a real business, you need to leverage your time. There is a limit to how much a business can grow with the effort of a “single man army”.

We take the pain and work out of a Social Media campaign by creating and implementing a search and response type campaign instead of just posting social comments which can consume your time and give little or no results plus automating your Social Bookmarking campaign to leverage your time so you can concentrate your efforts on your business.

So if you are ready for a successful internet marketing campaign contact Skunkworks Marketing Solutions now and position your business as a leader in the industry.

Social Media campaigns starting as low as $99

Article Marketing-Google Page 1 Ranking

If you have a web site, then let’s face it, search engine marketing and building web links are important to you! One important aspect of search engine marketing involves using high quality, interesting, informative content articles. Search engines love content & information articles and many people will read and link to articles that are interesting and informative for topics they are interested in. Content articles are an unbeatable way to generate links, boost your search engine rankings, find new sales prospects and open up a flood of targeted traffic direct to your web site.

Content articles are an essential part of search engine marketing and when done properly they can have a tremendously positive and long term effect to your web site business! Effective article marketing is an investment in your business!

It’s true… Writing an article takes more than a couple of minutes. It comes easily for some people but it can be downright painful for others. Cutting corners and using the same articles that others have submitted to the search engines and directories will not get you anywhere. Many other written articles are void of any real information or useful content. Still others are simply loaded up with keywords and keyword phrases… not to mention the fact that they are boring and uninteresting.

These types of articles are the fastest way to the trash can from a reader point of view and ultimately from a search engine point of view. The end result for these types of content articles is GIGO. That’s right GIGO! Garbage in – Garbage out! You can’t do an inferior job and then expect to get better or superior results. Additionally, you can’t expect to get people to want to read, link-to and circulate an article that is poorly written, full of mistakes, lacking content and largely neglecting to provide any new or useful information to the reader.


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More Skunkworks Marketing Solutions Options

What is the Greatest Investor in the World Doing Right Now?

Mr. John Paulson, bet that the housing market would collapse and risky mortgages would tumble in value. The moves put the fund manager from Queens, N.Y., alongside Warren Buffett, George Soros, and Bernard Baruch in Wall Street’s pantheon of traders. And as one rival fund manager later would say, with equal parts envy and respect, “Paulson’s not even a housing or mortgage guy…. Until this trade, he was run-of-the-mill, nothing special.”

Mr. Paulson’s tally for 2007 was nearly $4 billion. It was the largest one-year payout in the history of the financial markets. The next year, he made another $5 billion for his firm by betting against financial companies with exposure to housing.

As Mr. Paulson and others at his office discussed how much was being spent by the United States and other nations to rescue areas of the economy crippled by the financial collapse, he discovered his next targets, certain they were as doomed to collapse as sub prime mortgages once had been: the U.S. dollar and other major currencies.

Mr. Paulson calculated the supply of dollars had expanded by 120% over several months. That surely would lead to a drop in its value, and an eventual surge in inflation. “What’s the only asset that will hold value? It’s got to be gold,” Mr. Paulson argued.

“Three or four years from now, people will ask why they didn’t buy gold earlier,” Mr. Paulson said.

Paulson is starting a new gold hedge fund.  It will open on January 1, 2010 and Paulson will put up to $250 million of his own money into the fund, Zuckerman reported on The Wall Street Journal Online. He purchased billions of dollars of gold investments. Betting against the dollar would be his new trade.

Every quarter, hedge fund managers are required to file a 13F with the SEC detailing their holdings. It reveals that of the $20.5 billion in securities held by Paulson’s hedge fund, $5.8 billion are in gold and gold equities.  30% of Paulson’s $20 billion in securities is in gold.

We are not advising to rush out and buy gold.  But it is time to start putting together a plan for accumulating it when the market gives you an opportunity.  When it does, it won’t last long and you want to be ready.  We sure will be.

What is Wrong with my Advertising, it Always Worked Before?

The Newspaper Association of America (NAA) has posted ad sales figures plunge again. Traditional print advertising revenues were down 29%. Certainly a lot of the classified business is gone forever, lost to the Internet. A lot of national advertisers are just no longer interested in using newspapers.

The new report, “Auto Advertising Outlook 2010: Running on Empty,” brings good news for online advertising in 2010. Meanwhile, the rack publications and yellow pages will continue taking it on the chin.

The US Ad Spending report analyzes the shifts in the media landscape due to changing usage patterns, economics and technology.

The media spending shifts predate the recession, but the current economy reinforces the new advertising models and makes them more permanent.

Digital marketing offers compelling benefits, especially for cash conscious companies. Marketers can more readily measure the results of Internet advertising than with most traditional media. This produces more efficient advertising and higher ROI, which in turn pushes traditional media to compete with lower pricing.

2009 may be a horrible year for advertising overall, but not for local online – and certainly not for some companies seeing double- and even triple-digit growth for local operations. Local online advertising is growing at a 12% clip this year, and we´ve taken a look at 2010 and expect further growth. Visit the best internet marketing agency in West Palm Beach to see double and triple digit growth in 2010 for your business.

Skunkworks Marketing Solutions specializes in turning out-dated, non-producing advertising campaigns into results based campaigns that generate traffic, maximize ROI and focus on the overall lifetime worth of your clients. Contact Skunkworks Marketing Solutions at 561-623-5324 or visit the best internet marketing agency in West Palm Beach for a complimentary competitive market analysis of your market today to make 2010 your best year.

Skunkworks Marketing Solutions TV and Cable Fax Press Release Distribution Service

Reaching TV and Cable media contacts is easy with Skunkworks Marketing Solutions FAX press release distribution list for the TV and Cable industry. With hundreds of media contacts reaching major networks and media coverage centers, this is a very effective way to distribute your press release.

Some of these include: ABC, Bloomberg, CBS, CNBC, CNN, ESPN, plus many more! This list even includes contacts for popular shows such as Oprah, Dateline NBC, the Today Show, and 20/20. These press release fax services are available separately and can be used in addition to Skunkworks Marketing Solutions regular email news release distribution service so that you can generate even more media attention for your press release. In order to get your press release distributed into the hands of the media professionals that matter to your business you need to contact Skunkworks Marketing Solutions Now!

Skunkworks Marketing Solutions Radio Fax and Audio Press Release Distribution Service

If you need to target the Radio media markets then this is the option for you! Skunkworks Marketing Solutions can provide you with TWO extra methods of reaching those media centers. We can have your press release faxed directly to HUNDREDS of media contacts in the Radio media. This Radio FAX service will enable you to get your press release into the hands of all of the program directors, managers and top radio executives at thousands of radio stations throughout the USA and Canada.

An additional method that is highly effective in getting Radio coverage for any press release is Skunkworks Marketing Solutions Audio Press Release Services. For an extra fee we will create a professional announcement that paraphrases your press release and delivers it via a professional reporter in a standard audio format that will be included in your emailed press release to the media. We will also provide you with a link that you can place on your web site so that audio capsule can also be played by your web site visitors if they desire. Skunkworks marketing Solutions turn around time for this extra service is usually only 1- 2 business days and it does NOT require any extra time or effort on your part! This is a powerful way to provide the radio stations with an AIR READY press release that helps your company!

location based ads

25% of People in the US have
Only Mobile Phone Internet Access

Does Your Website Work
On Mobile Phones?

Websites that Work &
Custom Facebook Pages

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