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Cool iPad Apps: Best 104 iPad Apps

So many cool ipad apps, so little time.

Yes, there are soooo many iPad apps – between 30,000 to 50,000 in total, and the number vaults higher every day. So among the zillions, which iPad apps are the very best? Which apps are truly “must-have”?

The iPad, after all, can enhance your life in many ways. There are iPad apps for work, fun, personal life, providing news and information, and tracking your favorite activities…..Learn more

The New Reality of Mobile

We’re all trying to “figure it out” – i.e., create a competitive advantage and valuable customer experience via the mobile channel. Naturally, we turn to 19th century philosopher George Santayana, best known for the quote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

While we have seen the pitfalls of applying too literally the principles of one medium to another – brochure-ware websites, direct marketing-based e-mail programs – there are lessons to port over….Read more

Tablet Review: BlackBerry Playbook vs. Apple iPad vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab

With BlackBerry set to launch its first tablet computer in early 2011, they are a number of positives for RIM with this device, so what are they….If your decision will be made based on performance, RIM just released this video demonstration comparing the BlackBerry Playbook and Apple’s iPad on browser speed, Adobe Flash support and HTML5 performance…..Read full story

A bountiful year for open source

It is now just over 12 years since seven people sat down in a conference room in Silicon Valley to fix what they saw as the marketing problem with the words “free software.” Most people thought that the word “free” meant only that no one had to pay. It seemed they didn’t have an attention span long enough to try to grok what Richard Stallman was saying when he kept repeating, “‘free,’ as in speech.”

After considering dozens of combinations, Christine Peterson hit upon “open source,” and the phrase has grown to represent a section of the software marketplace big enough to merit its own end-of-the-year roundup. Full Story here

Channeling the Web: How to plug your TV into the Internet

TV isn’t supposed to be complicated.

But just as we’ve finally sorted out the digital TV transition, another wave of technology is about to remake the lowly set once again.

This time it’s a flood of new gadgets for connecting TVs to the Internet and tapping the river of online content.

Geeks have been talking about this “convergence” of TVs and the computer world for decades. About one in 10 U.S. households with home networks are doing this already, mostly by connecting PCs to the TV, according to research firm IDC… Read more

Ogilvy Chief Makes Technology His Focus

Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Chairman and CEO of OgilvyOne Worldwide, spent the last 18 months touring his company’s 100 offices hunting for trends and found the monster that is affecting all businesses.

“The monster is that consumers everywhere are seizing back control through the use of technology,” he said in an interview with The New York Sun. “The iPod is not about a technology. It’s people seizing back music agendas from the DJs of the world. TiVo isn’t a storage device but it is people choosing their own television agenda. Google isn’t a search technology but a new shopping agenda for consumers. These are all the same thing: power to consumers.” Read more

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    Today we're joined by Dr. Jane Goodall, primatologist and founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and Roots & Shoots program. In this post, Dr. Goodall shares her thoughts on how today’s technology can enable more people around the world to make a difference in their communities. Join Dr. Goodall for a celebratory Birthday Hangout on Air today at 11 a […]
  • Introducing Auto Awesome Photobombs with David Hasselhoff April 1, 2014
    Google+ Auto Awesome is all about fun surprises that bring your photos to life. And whether it’s Benedict Cumberbatch at the Oscars or Michelle Obama at the White House, a celebrity photobomb is the ultimate surprise, turning an ordinary photo into something extraordinary. Now with Auto Awesome Photobombs, you too can get a celebrity photobomb—no red carpet […]
  • Transparency Report: Requests for user information up 120 percent over four years March 27, 2014
    While we’ve always known how important transparency is when it comes to government requests, the events of the past year have underscored just how urgent the issue is. From being the first company to disclose information about National Security Letters to fighting for the ability to publish more about FISA requests, we’ve continually advocated for your right […]
  • Get Your Business Online Week starts today March 24, 2014
    Since getting online, Green Mountain Bee Farm in Fairfax, Vt. experienced a 5x increase in sales, and Christine Fitzpatrick Hair and Makeup in Birmingham, Mich. attracted 50 percent more clients. Getting online can make a big difference for small businesses—and stronger businesses makes for stronger communities. Online businesses are expected to grow 40 perc […]

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