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Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Agrees to Donate Fortune to Charities

Well, if Mark Zuckerberg’s image wasn’t already bolstered enough by his recent appearance on 60 Minutes, today’s announcement might help polish it a bit more.

Zuckerberg is one of 17 of the latest billionaires to sign the Giving Pledge, a joint effort from Bill Gates and Warren Buffet to encourage wealthy individuals “to commit to giving the majority of their wealth to the philanthropic causes and charitable organizations of their choice either during their lifetime or after their death,” according to the organization’s web site. The Wall Street Journal first reported the news early Thursday morning. More on this story via this link.

Facebook is Top for Time Spent on the Internet

Facebook last month claimed first place among sites for time spent, with 41.1 billion minutes, followed by Google with 39.8 billion minutes and Yahoo! with 37.7 billion, comScore is reporting. However, Yahoo! edged Google for unique visitors, tallying 179 million to the search giant’s 178.8 million. Microsoft was third with 165.3 million and Facebook stayed in fourth, with 148 million.

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Facebook privacy settings to help protect your identity

Facebook is about sharing. Privacy controls give you the power to decide what and how much you share. Learn how to manage who can see your information on and off Facebook by clicking here.

Drawbacks to the services Facebook and Twitter provide

Merchants must be careful not to overload their followers or friends with constant messages.

Facebook’s and Twitter’s potential to help businesses during a dismal economy should be enticing for many business owners.

At the Lodi Winegrape Commission’s Facebook page, posts are made three to four times a week and include times and dates for upcoming events, pictures and questions designed to spur responses from friends.

“The key is have a conversation and be listening to the audience,” said Shannon Harbert, marketing and communications coordinator for the Lodi Winegrape Commission. “We’re trying to use it as a vehicle to promote to the consumer.”

ecommerce Website Help with Facebook Like Feature

Often, small business ecommerce site owners get trapped in the endless quest to reach Google’s search audience that they overlook the importance of tapping in to other online audiences — including Facebook.

Facebook Like is one of the social plugins offered by Facebook that lets people share your content with their friends.  When you add the Facebook Like button to your own small business ecommerce website anyone who clicks it will have a story appear in their News Feed with a link back to your website.

“Facebook is building another index of the Web,” said Charles Nicholls, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of SeeWhy. “Only this index it isn’t based on Google’s arbitrary algorithms, it is built based upon people’s likes and preferences.”

Understanding how the Like Button works on the Web is pretty easy. Once you have the social plugin added to your website, Facebook users can click that Like Button your page and news of this activity and is added to their own public activity stream.  All of their Facebook friends will see their friend has “Liked” your page, and they can also click the activity and be taken directly to your page.

The good news for ecommerce site owners is that Facebook Like is easy to put on your website.  It’s a simple matter of getting a line of code and deciding where on your webpage you want to display the Like button.  Nicholls recommends that you should include Facebook Like on your homepage and also on your individual product pages.

To get started you’ll want to visit the Like Button Social Plugin Page on the Facebook Developers website.

Facebook Places

What many people don’t know about Facebook Places is that instead of just letting them check-in to a place, they can also tag their friends. Where they are, shows up on both the Facebook wall and life stream.

What is it?
For those of you who have checked out services such as Foursquare, Gowalla and BlockChalk, the idea, concept and implementation will be very familiar. You can create and check in to places. You can see where your friends are. You can find new places, etc. There’s not much new here from an idea perspective. Facebook is getting into the market and they are starting by giving us all of the same stuff we’re already used to and little that’s new.

Verifying a Place claim requires uploading some kind of official document, such as a local business license or Better Business Bureau accreditation.”

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