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Here is what people are saying:

Good afternoon Sherrie,

Pleasure meeting you this morning. I was anticipating to learn some things – but truly didn’t expect all the information gained from your free presentation. To put it in perspective, I left the presentation with my head spinning with ideas.

Look forward to hearing from you soon,

Heath Nichols

Loss Mitigation Manager

West Palm Beach, FL


Dear Sherrie,

As a business owner and independent agent, marketing is a priority!

Sherrie’s company provides education and a step by step approach to new and creative ways of increasing your market share and keeping it!

Among the many services she offers, her training classes are informative, interactive and made simple!!! Did you know that their are many ways to advertise your business for NO or little cost? Well, I didn’t – but I do now! Thanks Sherrie. I am looking forward to learning more.

Carole Casella


I got 2 new clients from the press release I wrote after attending your “Use the News to Market Your Business” in-depth press release workshop.

Thanks so much for giving me hope. I will be at your classes.

James Wolfe

All Quality Plumbing


Good Morning Sherrie,

I attended yesterday, seminar at the PB Chamber. I want to say thank you very much I enjoyed the seminar very much. I am fighting tooth and nail to my doors open.

I will admit that I am green as to Internet use for marketing but you have given me hope. Where can I find the video of yesterdays seminar on Youtube? You had so much information to share and did relay that information very well but also very quickly, because of time. I would like to review that tape again and take better notes. I am coming for both classes.

Again thank you for your very valuable time yesterday, you were GREAT.

Kelly Dobbs

Turtle Town Transfer Company


Hi Sherrie I wanted to again thank you for the informative session that you ran today at the Chamber of the Palm Beaches. I learned a great deal and definitely want to take the follow up courses with you. Please enroll me.

I will continue to have people register for this exciting workshop.

Shawn P. Means, CFB

Certified Franchise Broker

Franchising Connections, LLC

“Connecting People To The Franchise Of Their Dreams”

Additional Training Workshops

Level One

1) “Use the News to Market Your Small Business” – Learn exactly how to create news about your business, then write and submit an internet Press Release

2) “3 Simple Steps to STOP the Google Mystery Tax Charged on 87% of All PPC Campaigns” – PPC Optimization to Pay Lower CPC Rates and Product Splintering Techniques for Higher ROI

3) “The Power of The Circle” – How to put local Vertical Marketing to work for Your Business

4) “Want ads, Underground Tactics to Explode Classifieds” – Learn covert strategies and exact steps to create and implement a classified marketing campaign.

5) “How to Optimize Your Most Valuable Asset – Your Current Customers” – newsletter and email marketing campaigns for current customers to maximize and optimize their lifetime worth.

6) “Create a Successful Article Marketing Campaign” – create and implement a successful article marketing campaign to generate web site traffic.

Level Two

1) “To Get Page 1 Rankings on Google You Don’t Want a Website” Blogger & WordPress – set up a site and post to it2) “Why Buy It When You Can Get It for Free?” -Google – (maps, profile, blog, picassa, software, analytics, CAD Software, etc.)

3) “Micro Blog Your Way to the Top” – Social Networking Twitter, Linked-In, Facebook, meet up, etc.


4) “What’s the Buzz? How to Use Conversations to Drive Traffic” – how to use Yahoo answers, Forums, Chat rooms, etc. to market your business

5) “If You Only Use One Internet Strategy, This Must be It” -Video marketing – you tube, other video sites


6) “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” – Image marketing – picassa, photobucket, wet paint, etc., the reasons to image market, resizing photos, requirements for most sites, uploading photos, etc.

Level Three

1) “The Money is In the List” – Build a Squeeze Page – add an autoresponder form to collect contact info.

2) “3 Steps to Success All Internet Campaigns Require” – Post, Ping & Bookmark campaigns

3) “Merging of the Times – Maximize Your Current Advertising” – Merging Multi Media Campaigns for Optimization – online, offline, text messaging, integration of multi media, etc.

4) “Your Customer Will Tell You What They Want” – target or niche marketing – understanding your customer, getting the numbers, finding their hot buttons, how to make them take action, etc.

5) “Is Content Really King on the Internet?” – Content, Links In, Links Out, Learn to use the “Magic Triangle” to create a Solid Linking Structure for Success – Proper usage of anchor text, keywords and title tags.

Level Four

1) “Test, Track & Tweek for Success” – Analytics, webmaster tools, website optimizer, split testing, variable testing, analyzing data and how to apply findings2) “Keyphrase Domination – SEO on Steroids” – Going National or Worldwide

3) “Who Are You? – Build a Website for Credibility and Branding” – hosting, templates vs static, customization available, etc.

4) “Splintering & Segmenting Customers for Higher ROI” – How to optimize the lifetime worth of your customers.

5) “It’s all Been Written Before – The Fine Art of Re-Purposing” to Generate Traffic.


Level Five

1) “Where’s the Money? Buying keywords & Browsing keywords Which is Which?” – Learn to choose the right one for the “Magic Triangle”

2) “Build a Business Marketing Plan”

3) “Webinars, Teleseminars, Conference Calls – Why Do I Need Them?”





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